The Bronx

The Bronx is a beautiful place with liveliness, culture, excitement and diversity. Whether it’s the Nautical Community of City Island, the “Real Little Italy” on Arthur Ave, the West Indian community of Gun Hill Road or the Latino enclaves through the South Bronx, there are few places on earth as electric as The Bronx.

However, past the beauty, The Bronx also boasts the poorest congressional district in America, the highest asthmatic rate in the City of New York, one of the worse food deserts in the country and the largest amount of low income government subsidized in all of the city.

What some may see as a challenge too large, we see as opportunity that is God-sized.

“I came from the South Bronx — I consider myself a descendant of a true melting pot.
— Al Pacino

1.5 Million people call The Bronx home. If it were to become its own city, it'd be the fifth largest city in America.

33% of Bronx residents were born in a foreign country and 40% speak a language besides English at home.

$16,000 median household income of The South Bronx, making it the poorest Congressional district in America.

5% of NYC residents identify as Evangelical & NYC constantly rates as one of the most godless cities in America.

2 million people is the anticipated net gain New York City will experience in the next 20 years. 

All Saints Church vision is to allow Jesus to use us to build a beautiful City within a city, to cultivate relationships with seekers, cynics & skeptics as well as lift up the spiritually & physically disenfranchised.

All Saints Church mission is to point people to the glory and fame of Jesus & His redemptive work in building the Kingdom of God in the South Bronx as it is in heaven.