All Saints Church is a Church Startup in the Concourse neighborhood of The South Bronx that exists to make disciples that make disciples. 

All Saints Church has a doctrinal statement that lays as the basis for our collective beliefs in regards to historical Christian faith & practice. This is our orthodoxy.

All Saints Church also has programs and a calendar which inform how we execute our ministry strategy. This is our orthopraxy.

This document is somewhere in the middle. It is not our theological and doctrinal statement nor is it our playbook on how we "do church"

Theological Vision [also can be referred to as Philosophy of Ministry] is the carefully articulated merging of an intentional study of scripture coupled with an intentional study of our immediate culture. This document serves as a basic scriptural framework that informs what we value and how we seek to fulfill our mission. 

In partnership with Restoration Community Church, we exist as a larger movement to ensure that every one of the 300,000 people that live in the 7 neighborhoods of the South Bronx have a Gospel-Centered church within walking distance of their home.

This includes the neighborhoods of Port Morris, Mott Haven, Longwood, Concourse, Hunts Point, Morrisania & Melrose.


1. Building a family, one block at a time. 

There is no denying that in our impoverished inner city communities, the breakdown of family is prevalent and its consequences dramatically felt. Social ills like fatherlessness, domestic violence, the school-to-prison pipeline and inadequate housing & healthy food create a gaping hole in the fabric of our community that starts in the home. We know that this breaks the heart of God who sets the lonely in homes [Psalm 68:6], leads gently those with young [Isaiah 40:11] and call children his heritage [Psalm 127:3-5] 

We are about building a family, one block at a time. That all people, even if they come from a dysfunctional home can find a better home within our faith community. We seek to embody the Acts 2:46 model of church where we share in the teaching, fellowship, prayer and breaking of bread and meeting regularly. We believe in creating a safe culture of trust, love, accountability and grace for all that journey with us.  

2. Creating a beautiful City within a city.

Leonard Sweet has a quote that says, "Jesus loved the country but He never wept over it. Just the city." We believe that cities are God's design and created for His purpose in pointing people to himself to His glory. Scripture starts in a garden but ends in the great city, The New Jerusalem. Despite the city’s systemic sins, idols, false worship and practice, God does not give up on cities and we don't either. He loves our inner cities in the same way he loved the Assyrian Empire Ninevah so much that He called his prophet Jonah to bring His truth to "that great city."

We are about creating a beautiful City within a city. Proverbs 11:10 tells us that through the upright, the city is exalted. We want to see all of the South Bronx flourish, not just our own church. We do this by church-school partnerships where we come alongside struggling schools to provide school supplies, mentoring and sports clinics. We also partner with government, community and faith-based organization that are bringing shalom [peace] to the neighborhood. God calls His people during the Babylonian captivity to seek the good of the city for if it prospers, they too will prosper. We carry that mantle to love, serve and bless our neighbors. [Jeremiah 29:4-6]

3. Joining God as He invites us into His life and mission.

Many of the traditional church models found in our community hold a very top-heavy, hierarchical mode of leadership and ministry ethos. Pastors tend to be esteemed higher than they should be while parishioners esteemed lower than they should be. We believe in every member ministry and that every believer is a "sent one" whether that means preaching on Sunday mornings, being an overseas missionary or working at Starbucks. [Ephesians 2:10]. Every member of All Saints is invited to come to love and know Jesus and invited to the incredible opportunity to give that love away to others. [Matthew 10:8]

We are about joining God as He invites us into His life and mission. There are no "second string Christians" He gifts each and every one of us with a special and particular mission to know Him and make Him known in our realms and influence and into the ends of the earth [Matt. 28:18-20]. We champion movement dynamics that point people to Jesus' life and mission with our prayer being nothing short of, "The Kingdom of God in the South Bronx as it is in heaven." [Matthew 6:9-13]

4. Lifting up the spiritually & physically disenfranchised

Disenfranchisement literally means, "deprived of power." For many in our community, they are physically disenfranchised, trapped in the gripping cycles of poverty, substance abuse, emotional unhealthiness and brokenness. Many more in our community are spiritually disenfranchised, trapped in the gripping cycles of sinfulness, depravity and separation from God. Believing that Jesus died and rose for us even at our worse state [Romans 5:8] and has a special heart for the least, last and lost [Mark 2:17], we as His children are called to build up others.

We are about lifting up the spiritually and physically disenfranchised. We lift up the spiritually disenfranchised by creating environments that are intriguing and inviting to the seeker, skeptic and cynic and a safe place where they can wrestle with the weight of life and faith [Acts 17:22-31]. We lift up the physically disenfranchised by providing referrals to trustworthy and credible intake services, food programs, counseling centers and shelters. We as a church resolve to take the spiritual and physical responsibility for our community.



All Saints (Anticipated Internal Giving)                                   $24,000

NAMB                                                                                     $18,000

External Donors                                                                      $10,000

TOTAL:                                                                                     $52,000


Pastoral Salary                                                                       $60,000

Facilities                                                                                  $22,000

Outreach                                                                                 $12,000

Operations                                                                              $10,000

Missions                                                                                  $10,000

TOTAL:                                                                                  $114,000

DIFFERENCE:                                                                       -$62,000