A Prayer for Work

"Almighty Father, thank you for the work you have enabled me to sustain. Enlighten my way in leading and inspiring people engaged in the industry and communities that I serve.

Allow me the mastery of your will for the role you would want my work to play in your divine plan. Provide me the resources, human and material for this day. Sustain me financially for growth and development, and keep me humble with my successes and innovative and creative in my endeavors.

Help me in my crises, and guide me in every step I take as I run and manage my work today.

Let my work be a model of inspired integrity and allow it to bring good health, wealth, and prosperity among all around me.

Bless my coworkers, my bosses & my companies leadership and their families and friends. Give me the faith and confidence that I can accomplish even what seems to be impossible.

Help me to dispense all of my actions to be full of love for you and the rest of mankind.


**Adapted from The Catholic Businesman's Prayer