Our Story


In the fall of 2012, eric hoke visited the bronx, a place he has never been…

Eric and some of his fellow Seminarians from Alliance Theological Seminary rode the train from Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan to Latino Pastoral Action Center on on West 170th Street.

Dr. Raymond Rivera had just released his book, “Liberty to the Captives: Our Call to Minister to a Captive World” and he and Dr. Cornel West were holding a dialogue that Eric and his colleagues attended.

Eric had never been to The Bronx before that night and other than his deep love for hip hop music - he had no idea what The Bronx was like. He grew up in small towns his whole life yet felt a deep call from God to urban life - yet did not know where he and his family wanted to settle roots to serve. However on the train ride home that night, he sensed that perhaps The Bronx was where God was calling. It made little earthly sense but following God’s call on your life rarely does.

After prayer, counsel & affirmation from those in their lives, 2 years later, Eric & his family relocated from small town New Jersey to The South Bronx in March 2014. Since then, they have made their home among the beautiful tapestry of culture, vibrancy & community of the people of The Bronx while also holding a tension of the lack of healthy spiritual direction of many of its residents.

After 3 years of building relationships with those in their community, developing a plan on how to launch a church and raising up leaders from the neighborhood - All Saints Church launched on October 15th 2017 in The Bronx Museum of the Arts on The Grand Concourse and 165th Street - less than 10 minutes away from LPAC where Eric visited 5 years earlier - a young Seminarian clueless on where God was calling him to serve.

We believe that God is still writing the story of All Saints Church and what He wants to build in The South Bronx and we are excited about our next phase. We look forward to serving you.