Thank you for your interest in our church 

The Church is not a physical place, it's not a building or a cathedral - it's the people. 

If you are reading this, you are able to be part of the church and to reconnect to the God who loves and made you. You may feel like sins in your past, mistakes you have made, areas of shame and guilt prevent you from experiencing God's love. 

If that is you, you are not alone. It is normal for all of us to feel like we can't quite measure up.

Our Church is designed for people like you, because we are all people like you - we are all people who struggle but have faith that God accepts us in our pain.

He calls each and every one of us to gather together as His church. He does not want lone ranger believers but people willing to humbly and faithfully walk with Him and others through the journey of life. 

When you do that, you will come to realize that despite any obstacles and barriers in your life, you too can become a Saint in the eyes of God.

We look forward to serving you.